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Internet has changed a lot of things. Some for the better, others not so much. The worldwide web went from being a novelty, to becoming a habit we don’t give much thought to. It changed the way we learn, the way we communicate and even the way we fight illness. is an online drugstore that allows its visitors to find the best medicine on the market without having to leave their homes.

What you should know about DokterOnline

Health is the premium capital of any living being. That’s is the leitmotiv behind DokterOnline’s work. However, when it comes to ordering medicine online, one can’t be too cautious. News websites are full of stories of people who received the wrong medication or fake drugs. In most cases it results in disappointment and frustration, in other cases the consequences can be much more dramatic.

That is one of the main reasons why DokterOnline came to be. The website’s mission is to make it possible for people to order their treatments, from a trustful source. All of the medicine sold on comes from pharmaceutical companies all over Europe. For every medicine, the website has the necessary clearance, authorizations and veto of every government on the continent.

How was built?

DokterOnline was created in 2003. Everything started with the will to help patients find the medicine they need, when it’s not available in their country. Or simply deliver to them medicine that could not be ordered without a prescription.

Since its humble beginnings, the website has grown. It started expanding to all of the countries in Europe, and has built a huge catalog of drugs. One that dwarfs any other online pharmacy’s offerings. The website has today more than 167.000 clients and has gone over the milestone of half a million orders on its website.

Why should you order from DokterOnline?

Unfortunately, ordering medicine online is not as simple as ordering any other product. Actually, one must take a lot of criteria into consideration: the quality of the product, the discretion of the service and the reimbursement by insurance companies. It’s hard to find an online pharmacy that checks all these criteria. does. Not only is the origin of the medicine known, but the medicine is delivered in a discreet package, in order to preserve the client’s right to privacy.

The available medication makes it possible to find medicine of all kinds. As soon as you load the website, you will find the various categories that make it up. From weight-loss medicine, to erectile dysfunction treatments, to insomnia medication, and much more.

The clients will be able to find on the website, all of the medicine they might need to procure. Two types of drugs are sold on the website. Medicine to treat precise medical conditions, or “lifestyle” drugs that are not reimbursed by insurance companies.

How to order medication from

If you ever tried ordering medicine online, you have most certainly found it to be a frustrating experience. A lot of website won’t hesitate to send counterfeit medicine, or expired treatments. Some “online pharmacies” will even send the wrong orders repeatedly. And more often than not, when the right medicine is sent, the dosage is with the dosage. Getting the right medicine on time, is a painstaking process. And unfortunately, a lot of patients won’t even notice they are being exploited by these websites.

With, these risks are completely suppressed. Not only every order is treated with the utmost care, but also the website establishes correlations with the information provided by the clients about the symptoms they declared, and the treatment he tries to purchase. This verification serves to make sure that there is no medical risk for him.

Given the process needed to order on DokerOnline, the personal security of the patient is guaranteed at every step. For every product, the list of secondary effects and dangerous interactions is available. Next, the user will have to provide information while creating the account that will help to ascertain his identity. Also, when ordering the medicine, he will be asked to fill up a form, destined to give a clear picture of his health state.

This form is then sent to doctors, partners of These doctors will review the information provided in order to find any possible risk. It’s only when they determine that there is no danger, that they approve the order, and the medicine is sent. In some cases, the doctor can reach out to the patient by calling him, when they need complementary information. That being so, every user of DokterOnline has the guarantee of getting a free medical check-up.

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    Splendid service, got my meds on time, saved me a lot of time going to the doctor – great service!

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