Dokteronline User Reviews

Dokteronline User Reviews

DokterOnline User Reviews

Using Dokteronline has been an easy experience for me as far as ordering and navigating the web site. It just takes a few minutes. For those who require it, they have a FAQ section that answered many of my questions. If you need to, you can also contact Dokteronline by using email or live chat, they take phone calls too. Rob, 43.

I had never used a prescription online service before so I was hesitant, but my friend told me that she has used Dokteronline a few times, so she suggested that I give them a try. Previously I anticipated that my co-pay that I make at my local pharmacy was the lowest price, but this was not so. I put through an order on Dokteronline and so far, even their customer service was wonderful, lower prices and the shipping time was quick. I am glad that I took my friends advice and my medication works as it is supposed to. Monica, 55.

They have a huge inventory of medicines at Dokteronline that you can purchase. If you must buy prescription medication online then you will be pleased with the big variety they have. I have purchased medications online before but I feel that they are the best so far. I placed an order on February 16 and received it about March 4th. I look forward to more years of service. Jacky 36.

Dokteronline takes the safety of their customers seriously. They have a quick response to any problems, like they realized that my first packaged never arrived, so they sent me a replacement instantly. So I appreciate that, they are responsible and I am also look forward to my future orders. Arthur 30.

I placed an order because my friend whom I trust greatly, recommended Dokteronline. After I placed my first order, I received really good customer service and frequent communications all through my transaction and before my pills arrived. I put my order in and my pills arrived by the anticipated arrival time. My pills were packed securely and were the correct amount (I counted to be sure). I am planning my new order with Dokteronline and plan to continue doing business with them. Their staff is great and genuinely cares about you, especially Rosemary. Dianna 23.

Dokteronline has been a life saver for me. There are times when I can’t go to the doctor’s office due to schedule conflict with work. By using the online service, I am able to obtain a medical consultation and receive treatment in the comfort of my own home. I recommend using this service to everyone, it has helped me with my allergies and asthma. If you are looking for convenience check them out! Hailey Brewster, 25

If you are in the UK or the EU and in need of medication, Dokteronline is where you need to turn to. It doesn’t matter whether you need an antibiotic or something for birth control or erectile dysfunction, the doctors are here to help you. They know what is best for you based on your consultation. It doesn’t hurt to try them out. I have been a satisfied customer for over 2 years now. Donna Rafferty, 35

The medical staff at Dokteronline is hands down the most reliable. I did have a few occasions where I had to wait on my shipment, however it was due to a holiday. The doctors that prescribe the medication here are able to send out by post to most areas in the EU. Since they are not allowed to prescribe opiates consumers are able to carry their medication wherever they travel throughout the EU. This makes it convenient for those that travel for business and do not have access to a primary care doctor. James Bingham, 48

I have to say that with all the fake drugs out there, Dokteronline is reliable and is 100% legitimate. In the beginning I was a bit sketchy about their service, however they proved me wrong. You have complete confidentiality and it is completely legal where I am at in the EU. The process is simple. you contact them, and the doctor approves your prescription. After approval, the prescription is sent to the pharmacy, filled and then sent to you via post. If there is additional information needed, the doctor will contact you immediately in order to clear the air. Payment is simple once your payment is cleared you will have the medication that you need within days. I couldn’t think and wouldn’t think of using any other service. Thomas Duncan, 45

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